About the Author

Kevin Goczeski, author of The Enlightening, knows that some readers will believe that alien beings provided him with the “secrets of the universe,” as revealed in the book.  These readers were not there to witness the many years of agonizing and difficult research, thought, and analysis the author underwent to unlock these scientific “secrets” and mysteries.  I suppose it is Mr. Goczeski’s own fault, in a way, that people would rather believe aliens gave him the answers, than to think they were the result of classic physics thought experiments and good old fashioned detective work on his part.

The book, though?  Where did that some of that way-out stuff come from?  Well, Mr. Goczeski likes to believe he came up with those ideas, also, all by himself.  But truthfully, sometimes even he wonders, just a little bit.  After all, the book did almost seem to write itself, at times.  So who can really say?