FREE BOOK- No strings attached

The newly revised “definitive” version of The Enlightening is now available completely free of charge.  Simply follow the link, where a PDF file is available to download. Now you have the entire book available in a single easy file. 

Enjoy it as a literary work, or consider the merits of the new, comprehensive hyper-dimensional model of the universe which is presented within its pages.  What is it like to be in another physical dimension?  It is much simpler than you probably have ever imagined.  In fact, we are all in another physical dimension, right now, relative to most of the rest of the universe.   

P.S. The serialized release of the book will continue, as well. The balance of the serialized release will be the “definitive” revised edition; the only differences are that the serialized edition will not be broken into three parts, as the PDF is.  Also, there may be some minor differences in some earlier chapters, if you were to do a word-for-word comparison.  But those are rather minor details. I hope you enjoy the book and consider its many ideas.  I also fully encourage you to please feel free to send it along to any friends who may be interested. Why pay for this book when you can get an updated version free of cost? 

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