Thank You

“Thank you” as part of your Dreamforce Preparations

I’d like to thank all the “early adopters” who’ve liked The Enlightening’s Facebook page and/or liked or commented on a post. You and your input are very much appreciated! I will try my best to justify your interest and support.

The goal of the page and my posts will be to stimulate some thought regarding various subjects, concepts or ideas which are presented or alluded to in The Enlightening book. For you science/ physics/ cosmology fans out there, I plan on continuing to roll out more specifics, articles, etc. which support my new way of looking at what I call hyper-dimensional space-time. For the space buffs, perhaps we will look at interesting technological developments or intriguing new scientific findings in the realm of space, astronomy, etc. For fans of mythology, spirituality, literature, music, nature/ environmentalism etc. there will be many things to discuss in those areas, as well.

The book is really a story about people, our relationship with the Earth we live upon, the universe which our Earth inhabits, and the astounding matrix in which our own universe exists. The goal of this Facebook page, then, is to have a little fun while discussing these intertwined things.

Much thanks– The Enlightening

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