We can Make a Difference

Pollution is a world-wide problem, as Merle Akeetheran points out in The Enlightening.

Industrial-level pollution can follow the hydrologic cycle and be carried around the entire Earth.  Merle pointed out that this defilement reaches areas as remote as the mountaintop in the Himalayas where he enlightened Ken as to the nature of electromagnetic energy and multi-dimensional space-time.

Littering is another form of pollution that defaces our planet wherever people live.    

Rather than lament the situation while doing nothing about it, Merle demonstrated that any individual can make a difference, by removing litter from the environment and depositing it into appropriate receptacles.     

Merle inspired his friends to band together and make their home a better place by removing litter in a group effort. 

One person can make a difference, but if a community joins together in the endeavor, they can have an even greater impact.  Perhaps our community here on The Enlightening Facebook page can also make a difference, together.

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