A Shout-out to Merle Akeetheran

wildlife crossing in Germany

Germany. Image via reddit

In “The Enlightening,” Merle Akeetheran opines that overpasses and underpasses that allow wildlife to safely cross busy roads are a good idea.  Merle points out that many people are killed and seriously injured each year due to vehicle/ animal collisions, and the carnage inflicted upon the affected fauna can be quite considerable.  In fact, Merle states that since wildlife often follows natural washouts, these are obvious locations for underpasses. 

animal bridge montana

Montana. Image via The Pedigree Artist

National Geographic agrees with Merle’s sentiment, referencing collisions with large animals in excess of one million yearly which take an enormous monetary toll, as well as the ensuing human injuries and deaths.  See below for links to two articles—one focuses on the Trans-Canada Highway wildlife crossings in Banff National Park in Alberta, Canada, while the other article discusses a half-dozen other innovative animal crossings throughout the world. 

wildlife crossing banff national park alberta canada

Banff National Park. Alberta, Canada. Image via Joel Sartore

Merle would undoubtedly be quite happy to see the progress being made in this area. 



crab bridge christmas island

Christmas Island, Australia. Image via Christmas Island National Park

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