Navy F/A-18 Super Hornet Captures Amazing UFO Footage

A lot of people say that there aren’t any good UFO photos or videos.  Here is some footage captured by a Navy F/A-18 Super Hornet using an advanced Raytheon infrared imaging system.  The Weapons Systems Operator manages to “box” the image of a very fast object, on his third attempt.  The rapidly flying object in question is the small white “dot” that is inside of the targeting “box.”  When the system locks onto the object, the box becomes small, as it continues to track the small white object (keep in mind that this is infrared video, so these are not actual colors).  Once the system has locked onto the object, you can hear the wild jubilation on the part of these experienced military personnel—they have captured the image of a speeding UFO flying past their jet.
The UFO is apparently smaller than the F/A-18.  This new imaging equipment has allowed them to accomplish something they had never been able to accomplish, previously, since a human operator could never keep up with the velocity exhibited by something like this.  The observed have finally become the observers!  The Navy has scored a big “goal”, with an assist from Raytheon.  Note the transcript of what the pilots/ operators are saying, across the bottom of the screen, near the end of the video.  These guys are very, very excited and happy at their amazing feat.  Kudos to the nimble WSO, and high fives all around!  There, now you have seen some excellent UFO footage, shot from a Navy F/A-18.  Pass it on!

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